Thursday, April 15, 2010

11 lbs......

What!! Why didn't I think of this meal choices thing a long time ago? I am down 11 lbs since Monday - I am sure a lot of it is water, but I am certianly not complaining. I guess some of it can be contributed to the fact that I have been trying to walk every night also. So the exercise and the healthy eating must be working. I am so excited!! I think that when you see results even if they are small they truly make a huge difference for motivation. I am over the top today. I can't believe it 11 lbs since Monday!! I am sure it will slow down next week as I don't want to lose it to fast that I can't keep it off, but I am also not complaining either.

Today should be a nice spring day so a walk in the park this afternoon/evening should be a great way to get moving. I love that the weather is getting nicer and that I can walk outside - I do have a membership to a gym however sometimes I just can't motivate myself to stay inside when it is so nice outside. I am so excited that I have started this new journey. I also found out that I like green peppers - me - I like them......WHAT!! Did I just say I like green peppers - yep that is certainly what I said. I never even knew that I liked them and I am 34....guess I have never really thought about it and just said no because I thought I didn't like them. I think sometimes you are trained at a young age to not like certain things and you just go through life believing that you don't.......

Well I am out of here for back tomorrow for more. :)

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