Friday, July 31, 2009

Lunch away from work entertainment today!

So today for lunch I went with a friend to the Nordstrom rack...Wow talk about some expensive things in there. Found the cutest sunglasses they were $65.00. I can't imagine spending that much on some sunglasses...with having a 2 year old the last thing I need is expensive glasses. So we wandered around the store found some really cute things but it sucks going to a store were 90% of the items in the store won't fit you. It was alright though they had some cute shoes, lots of nice perfume and it was fun to get away from the office. We decided to stop by Hogi Yogi so she could grab a sandwich, I brought a chicken pita wrap - YUM! However I did cave and grabbed a "Diet" Dr. Pepper at Hogi is my first soda in 3 days and it is "Diet" that is pretty good to start out getting off the "SODA"! I am just proud that I passed up all the yummy frozen yogurts with candy toppings.... watching the guy make my co-workers sandwich however has been the most entertaining part of my entire day! I have never seen anything like it before... first he cut the bread in 1/2 however missed the 1/2 way mark and gave her the smallest part of the bread...when he put the mustard and mayonnaise on I was fascinated it was like he was creating art on it using the bottles and only giving her a small amount she had to ask for more... he piled on the meat and then the bacon and as I was watching him slice the avocado on top - I got the giggles... it was so funny. He was slicing it so slowly and I kept watching it fall off and he would place it back on the side that already had all kinds of meat and cheese....fall off ... put back on...fall off - so needless to say when he put the onions, cucumbers, olives on top I just couldn't hold back.... I was laughing out loud. He didn't know I was taping him via my phone either which made it even funnier for me... so all in all I got exercise by watching the guy make this from all the laughing I was doing.

So today has been a good day. I think I am going to avoid the scale tonight and wait until Monday morning. However I might go swimming tonight with a friend.... :) I have a huge weekend ahead of me and I am planning already what to take to avoid eating the wrong things. Saturday we are going to a BBQ at my Dad's work and they always have tons of food so maybe I will just fill up on a yummy protein filled smoothie and lots of water before I go, that way I will be less hungry, at least they have veggies! Sunday is our Family Reunion that we only have every 2 years, they are having Fried Chicken and tons of fattening things. I am going to take some grilled chicken to eat and then I know they will have fruit bowls and I am taking lots of water since it is going to be HOT! I am sure I will let everyone know how it goes...wish me luck! :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The scale......

So I have been dreading getting on the scale again.... I knew I had gained some weight since I stopped doing things for "ME".... But I didn't realize how much!!! Well that is the whole reason for this new part of my life and this new journey. So I am glad I am starting over and this time I am going to do it because I have set my mind to it and it is a goal and I am planning from now on to meet my goals.

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Today I brought the best lunch to work. I mean Yummy! Look how good it looks.... Chicken, green beans & zucchini... and fresh strawberries. My friend thought it looked good so she shared some of the green beans and she agreed that it was good. I have also been drinking nothing but tea and water for the last 3 days. I am proud of myself for this accomplishment because I am finally getting off the soda... and I don't mean diet soda...I mean regular plain old yummy coke and pepsi ...soda....okay you can laugh but I enjoy a nice 32 oz coke almost daily and eating out. I feel I have finally made an accomplishment. I haven't eaten out all week breakast, lunch or dinner and NO SODA! I am proud of ME~! I am finally to that point where I have realized that not much matters other than me and if I can't change for me then when will I ever change.....this I am doing for me and no one else. I have also gotten in all my yummy water today so I am proud of that accomplishment too! I am loving this new way of eating and thinking and can't wait for the days to come to see what they bring to my life!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Weekend

So last weekend we went to Lava Hot springs. It was an okay trip, short and expensive. I was having an okay time just lots of drama when you go camping with people who don't have any experience with kids being around....they tend to not realize that girls are going to yell and scream and be girls when you are camping and outdoors. Oh well such is life you just learn who you can and can't go camping with and when to take kids and when not to take them. The Hot springs were nice, but I think I like going better in the fall/winter than the Summer. It was almost to hot to be in them with the 90 degree weather outside and 104 degree Hot springs it makes it a little toasty however relaxing at the same time. They have a river there and a lot of people ride down the river on tubes. I think that would have been better.... however, this time we didn't get to go down the river. I have done it before and had so much fun, maybe next time I will be able to do it.

Things in my life lately have been a little out of wack so the diet over the weekend didn't go really well. However today I have made a plan to not eat out for the entire week and drink no soad, wish me luck. I have only drank water today and had the best smoothie this morning. YUM! Then I had a Lean Cuisine meal, it was pretty good. I am trying to not eat out and packaged meals or left overs are the best things for me at work. I can do this and what better time then now to start taking care of ME? This is my life and I need to make it work for me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lunch today with friends

So today I went to lunch with friends. It was uplifiting and fun, I enjoy seeing them however have discovered that we should have chosen a different restraunt for many reasons. This particular place we went is always changing the price on anything you get. You look at the price in the menu get the bill and something is always wrong. I think for next time we will choose a new place to get together as this one just isn't working out like it used to. I also decided there is absolutely nothing on the menu healthy. I guess what do I expect when it comes to Mexican food, but hey I was hoping. I got back from lunch and wondered why I go to these places and make these choices. I know I wanted to go to lunch with friends but after really thinking about it, I should have brought some lunch to work with me...ate in the office and then went and had a drink or something. I tend to eat out a excuses. I love food. I think my issue is that food is something I turn to when I have nothing else to turn to. I have decided that I am going to start turning to excercise. When I feel like eating (unhealthy foods) I am heading to the gym as often as possible. I am making it my goal to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. I don't want to be this person forever and I need to do something to make a change and finally make "ME" happy for a change. I am so used to doing things for other people and making them happy that I need to take the time for myself and figure out me....I am tired of taking care of everyone else. I can't live this way forever. I have a 2 year old to think about and I want him to grow up with his Mommy. This is where the new "ME" thinking has come in and I want to be there for him and be healthy for him. I know I can do this .... so this is where my journey starts from my first blog to my last I am going to do this.