Friday, August 28, 2009

4.8 - - Setbacks = GAME ON!

So I am down 4.8 lbs since I started this journey. I have had a few set backs but GAME ON now! I am switching my meeting nights however. Monday nights the leader just isn't a "GREAT" leader. I really like the Thursday night meetings and the lady is Awesome....she is like a bohemian woman .... she doesn't shave and it is freaking me out, but she is great at what she does and motivating me. I think the class being full helps also because there is so much more insight then the Monday night meetings. I have made up my mind I am switching nights! :) I feel pretty good about my loss though. I have only been going to meetings for 3 weeks and last night was my 3rd meeting. So I am excited about that. I now just need to go and stock up on some groceries this weekend so that I have healthy snacks around the house instead of the normal junk food that used to be in the house. I love snacking on fruits, I just need to keep them in the house....I did good the first week and had fruit all over....but we ate it all. :( I think I ate so much fruit that I am surprised I didn't turn into one.
I can't wait till this day is over..... I am also waiting for my son to take a nap. I am lucky though because I get to work from home on Monday's however this week I needed to work from home today so I am able to. I love being able to work from home....I have decided though that you have to really be dedicated to work from home. It is so hard to sit at the computer for 8 hours during the day when you have laundry, cooking, cleaning and other things to do. I could be doing a lot of things besides sitting here cleaning out my emails.... wait I am doing something I am writing this blog! But if you catch my drift then you know what I mean tha working from home is difficult. Well I guess I should get back to work and hope that soon my son will take a nap and realize I only have until 2:30 and then I am off for the weekend! I can't wait to see what this weekend will bring, hopefully it will be a fun and eventful weekend....until next time. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why is it so freaking COLD!!!!

I am freezing! Yes that is right....downright cold. I swear this place I work in can never get it right, dress for winter in the summer....dress for summer in the winter. I mean who wears a coat inside the office when it is 90 + degrees outside.... ME...yep that is right ME..... WTF? So today has started out as a pretty good day. I went to the gas station this morning and bought me a big huge Ice Tea! Yum, my favorite drink.... I think I drink 2 of these 44oz drinks every day. :) This morning I left my Zune in my car and had to go get it....I can't stand not having something to listen to during the day. My Zune is my savior I have decided.....I don't know what I would do without it. I love listening to it at work and in my car and when I am walking at night..( haha) I need to start doing that walking. I nedd to get in the groove and find a workout that works for me. Has anyone heard about Zumba? A girl at work highly recommends it and says that you will never get bored once you start doing it because it is always new and fun. I am thinking about trying it sometime next week. I will let you know what I think and if it is worth it. I am excited today is my last day in the office and then I get to be home for the next 4 days - 2 of them I will be working, but working from home and there is nothing better than working from home. I love it, I can get things done like laundry on my breaks/lunch and I get to listen to the television. I think the only thing that is bad about working from home is when there is nice weather and you would rather be doing anything outside then working.... I am also sad as our pool closes next weekend....that is a sign that Summer is almost over and that Winter is on its way...however it is also a sign that I am getting closer to my Vacation that I have planned next year. I am way excited for it...... I will write more on that in another post. Need to get back to work..... Peace Out! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am tired of being a Victim...

I have decided I am tired of being a victim. I feel like I am a victim to a lot of things but I am mostly a victim of food. I am cheated by myself because I feel that anytime I get emotional or have stress in my life I turn to food. It is like a drug to me, I can see how people can get addicted to drugs.... because I am addicted to food and I don't think there really is any difference. When I am sad I feel like eating, when I am happy I feel like is like anything we do revolves around food. Holidays, birthdays, parties....everything revolves around food. I have become a victim...not because I wanted to be a victim but because I allow myself to be a victim. I need to decide that I will no longer allow myself to be this victim. I had a few set backs over the past weekend and it really threw me for a loop and then yesterday I had some dental work and got sick....ugh have I told anyone lately how much I hate going to the dentist?? I only have to go back a few more times and then the dental work will be over.
So my goal is to get healthy, quit letting food dictate what I do and how I live. Change the things in my life that potentially drag me into this rut.... I want to be happy with me and sometimes that is a challenge in itself. I can do this I know I mind is set and I need to quit having these crazy set backs and these crazy arguements with myself. This is my life, my only life and I need to make the best of it and live life to the fullest. :)

Chinese Food is EVIL!

So I have decided today that Chinese food is "EVIL" yes that is what I think. I mean take this Orange Chicken for example..... today it was calling me..... I know you want me, I mean look at me I am so Hot and good for you.... Ugh! I caved!! I know shoot me..... I guess dinner tonight will be lettuce and spinach.... and then a good kick me in the Ass workout after..... :) I know I can't deprive myself of certain things but I could have the will power to think about my choices a little longer, right across from the Chinese place was Subway but I had that for lunch yesterday. Back to the drawing board, back to bringing lunch from home - the smart thing I have done for almost the last 2 weeks. If I don't have a plan that is when I end up I didn't have a plan. I planned yesterday to go to Subway....from the minute I got up I was going to Subway...but today I didn't know what I was going to do. I am accountable for the Orange Chicken and I figured out the points - SKYROCKET amount....but I still have the rest of today and tomorrow is a new day on my path to success.... I can do this I have the will power, I just need to make it happen. I do better when I bring my food from home. I just need to make it step at a time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Crazy Weekend .... Weigh in Day!

Wow! This weekend was so Crazy! I went out with some friends from work on Saturday night. We were going to a Social Club for one of my Co-Workers birthday parties...... I ended up taking my friend Kenny with me who is so much fun to hang with and I was so happy that he went. We went to one club which was sort of boring not much happening so the girls from work decided to go somewhere else. Kenny and I didn't really want to drive that far and neither did one of my other friend so we decided to go to another place. We ended up at a place called Oscar's can I just tell you I don't really like making fun of people but what the hell are people wearing these days? I swear the way some of these people were dressed it was hard not to laugh at them. There was a girl with a levi skirt I swear she must have gotten in the 80' buttoned up the front and she had matching boots....flat boots....she also had her shirt tucked in to this was horrible...she should have checked the mirror before leaving the house. It was a crazy place and more people that were crazy kept coming in so we decided to leave and go to another place called Alure, now that was was crazy there were so many people there and it was nice I had saved up enough points that I could have a couple of my friend and I were standing at the Bar waiting for our drinks. She handed me a shot glass that was full and some guy standing next to me hit my arm and my drink dumped all over the front of my shirt....I am really glad that the stain came out. It was crazy.... the guy felt horrible and paid for me a new drink and bought my friend one to so that was a bonus! I am just happy that the stain came out of the shirt! :)
Sunday we went to my moms house for a BBQ for my Birthday last week. It was so fun the kids played and we chatted. It is always nice to go over there for BBQ's and visiting. I love my family they are awesome! We had hamburgers and hot dogs, pasta salad and baked mom also made deviled eggs but forgot about them in the fridge so nobody had any. I limited myself to what I ate and made good choices...they also had a wonderful chocolate cake... I had a tiny sliver and a small scoop of ice cream. I always know my limits and what I can and can't fit into my daily points....I make sure to plan ahead. I am happy with my choices so I guess tonight I will see how it all paid off on the scale! Good things are awaiting me......I just know it! :) Peace Out until next time....... I will post how I did sometime tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So last night was a little tough...I wasn't on my normal schedule of leave work pick up the boy go home...cook me something good to eat. It was a little off for the first time in over a week. My cousins little boy was turning 7 so we went to a skating rink for his birthday party. We all know what is at Birthday parties.... pizza, soda, cake, ice cream.... I planned for the birthday party on my WW points however... and I went off soda over 3 weeks ago **proud moment** so I had the points. I ate a little pizza and had a couple of bites of the cake - I said no to the ice cream (my favorite) and of course no longer drink the soda..... all in all I think I did pretty good. The pizza however had no comparison to my yummy pizza I make at home on my "flatout bread"... YUM! I will have to post a picture the next time I make is super yummy, low cal, low fat and high fiber type of yummy!

Last night was strange after we got home... I talked with a friend on facebook for awhile and that was fun and then about 9:30 there was a knock on the anyone who knows me knows that I have kids who are usually in bed and that by that time I am trying to get a toddler to sleep.. but still knock..knock...knock...not only were they knocking but they were at my backdoor not my front door like expected for visitors who I don't know. I looked at my BF and said hey you gonna get that? I am a woman and it is late... I feel like a man should answer the door at that time of night if you answer at all.... So up he gets "annoyed" because I won't answer the door... well there on the other side of the door is a little old lady from across the road holding this

an entire pile of mint leaves.... My BF was of course thankful as she is elderly and she thought we could use them for tea....but holy crap I am not going to be drinking that much tea anytime soon.... I was kind of in shock and once he closed the door I burst out in laughter and couldn't stop....I should be nice however as it was the thought that counts... I did look online for recipes that I could make with fresh mint I found a website that had 11 different recipes to make with mint.... I don't know though... I might just give it to the kids they enjoyed eating it the last time she gave us some, however it was in way less quantity... hey thanks for the mint! LOL! Well tomorrow is my Birthday - I am going to be 34 ....holy crap how time flies.... I will blog some more tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weigh in Day

So yesterday was the day....the results from the start of my new journey... weigh in day. I lost 3.2 pounds. I am so proud of me for sticking to this and I know that I can do this. I won't let myself fail. This is what I had for dinner last night - it was soooo good! Homemade Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad. I have found a new love for baby spinach and it tastes so good in my salads.
I even let the family have a taste and I think they were jealous because the scrambled eggs they were having were not as good as my tasty salad. The only thing I am finding hard is getting in all my points everyday. So many things I eat are less than 3 points so getting up to how many I am allowed makes it difficult. I am eating more and more vegetables and fruits then anything and I love it. There are some things I need to cut back on that I have eaten and probably shouldn't but I know that and know what changes I need to take to get to what I have set out to do. Everyday is a new day and I can wake up and say that I CAN DO THIS...... I can have a new outlook everyday and I choose to look for the positive in everything that I can.
This week is going to be a busy one, I have a Birthday party tonight for my cousin and then Thursday is my Birthday <3 Happy Birthday to me.... and then Saturday night I am going out with some girls from work...I am so excited! Then Sunday we are doing a Birthday dinner.... I am going to eat really good all day on Sunday so that I can have something yummy for dinner, we are going to Joe's Crab Shack....not my all time favorite but it is good and they have a place for the kids to play.... all in all busy week but fun week.... I will post again tomorrow. :) Amy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~Wii Fit ~ WW ~

Last night I decided to pull out the Wii Fit, I leave it under the couch and usually that is where it stays. I know that I need to excercise and what better way then to do it in the comfort of my own home in front of my TV - one of the reasons I got the way I am.....! Now I love my Wii Fit but that little sucker can be sooo MEAN - I turn it on and step on and it says to me "I see you haven't been here for 27 days".... I know almost a month! I wanted to punch the little sucker in the face, but since it doesn't have a face decided I should just work out. I started out trying to beat another score on some game you have to roll the little person in a ball down a river it is a balance game. I was really off balance, I feel off the board onto the floor trying to beat the old score. So I decided to do some step areboics which is so much fun on the Wii! Then I went into game options and realized that there was a boxing game which I had never tried before... so I decided to play - at first I really sucked. I must not follow directions very well then I realized I was supposed to step off the board before I punched the bag and then back on! It was so fun it reminded me of days when I used to do Tae Bo. I can't wait to get home tonight and turn it on again. Needless to say I did 20 minutes on the Wii, which is probably the most excercise I have gotten in quite awhile.
WW - I caved! I have to be accountable, I need meetings to help me with support and motivation. I joined again on Monday of this week. I wasn't going to because I know all the tools and how to do the program, but what I don't have is the support and motivation needed to stick with it. The girl I met in class the first night who also had just joined again said the same thing it isn't the knowledge it is everything else. I also don't have anything to keep me accountable other than me and I know how I got to where I am "ME".... so I joined up on Monday. I am not telling anyone in my family or my friends only because I want to show them the results first. (Besides my BFF who will for sure read this blog). Then if anyone asks I will say "I went back to WW". I am proud of my decision and think that it is the right decision for me. Plus I really like the new "monthly pass" it allows you not only to go to weekly meetings and weigh in once a week you also get everything online all the e-tools, before when I had joined you didn't get all the online things unless you paid for the online. Now for a reasonable price - "the price of life" you get them all - FABULOUS! I am so excited and I love the online tools they have already been a great resource for tracking my points and giving me healthy ideas. I can't wait to see how Monday goes.... :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekend...

I was so excited to wake up on Saturday to see how Jen had done -, then I read her post and was saddened to find out about her Mom who was tragically killed in an auto accident. How tragic and sad, and how much does it make you realize that you should always tell your family you love them as you never know what can happen. My heart goes out to Jen and her family. I don't "know" Jen other than through the blogging world and she was actually my inspiration to start blogging my journey after I read one of her blogs that I had run across. I am keeping her family in my prayers as my heart goes out to them.

---Other than my sadness from Jen's blog my weekend was pretty good. On Friday night I went to my friends house and hung out for awhile, it is alwasy nice to get away from the house as it gives me the chance to breathe sometimes. My house can get so busy and crazy it is always nice to have an out and be able to have some fun with friends. Saturday was a blast, I went to my Dad's work and took the family. It is always fun to go since we get to see where works and they feed you lunch. You do have to watch what they feed you though. I had a hamburger minus the bun and a few chips...they didn't really have any "good salad" so I skipped the pasta and the potato that they did have. I did break down this weekend and got some coffee from my favorite coffee shop "Monkey Brew" but I didn't have much else that day so it was not so bad, it was a fun time on Saturday and then after my cousin came over and took the kids swimming so that was nice too! Sunday was the long awaited family reunion - we only have them once every 2 years, so it was nice to see the family. I am glad it is over though, it was busy and we were in charge. I did have some yummy chicken and tons of fruit...there were plenty of fruit bowls. It was a good time, I hung out with some of my favorite cousins and we had so much to chat about. We left after my Uncle started shouting at the kids. He can be such a Jerk - I have known this since I was 13 years old and he decided to call me a "bitch".... Hello!!! I was 13 years old who does that kind of thing? It's okay I had to announce a few things at the reunion and made sure I stood right behind him and was pretty funny! I know it sounds mean, but sometimes you got to do what you go to do. I get to weigh in tonight! I will let everyone know how it goes...hopefully it will go good.... I can't wait to find out if I have done enough! Hugs!