Friday, July 31, 2009

Lunch away from work entertainment today!

So today for lunch I went with a friend to the Nordstrom rack...Wow talk about some expensive things in there. Found the cutest sunglasses they were $65.00. I can't imagine spending that much on some sunglasses...with having a 2 year old the last thing I need is expensive glasses. So we wandered around the store found some really cute things but it sucks going to a store were 90% of the items in the store won't fit you. It was alright though they had some cute shoes, lots of nice perfume and it was fun to get away from the office. We decided to stop by Hogi Yogi so she could grab a sandwich, I brought a chicken pita wrap - YUM! However I did cave and grabbed a "Diet" Dr. Pepper at Hogi is my first soda in 3 days and it is "Diet" that is pretty good to start out getting off the "SODA"! I am just proud that I passed up all the yummy frozen yogurts with candy toppings.... watching the guy make my co-workers sandwich however has been the most entertaining part of my entire day! I have never seen anything like it before... first he cut the bread in 1/2 however missed the 1/2 way mark and gave her the smallest part of the bread...when he put the mustard and mayonnaise on I was fascinated it was like he was creating art on it using the bottles and only giving her a small amount she had to ask for more... he piled on the meat and then the bacon and as I was watching him slice the avocado on top - I got the giggles... it was so funny. He was slicing it so slowly and I kept watching it fall off and he would place it back on the side that already had all kinds of meat and cheese....fall off ... put back on...fall off - so needless to say when he put the onions, cucumbers, olives on top I just couldn't hold back.... I was laughing out loud. He didn't know I was taping him via my phone either which made it even funnier for me... so all in all I got exercise by watching the guy make this from all the laughing I was doing.

So today has been a good day. I think I am going to avoid the scale tonight and wait until Monday morning. However I might go swimming tonight with a friend.... :) I have a huge weekend ahead of me and I am planning already what to take to avoid eating the wrong things. Saturday we are going to a BBQ at my Dad's work and they always have tons of food so maybe I will just fill up on a yummy protein filled smoothie and lots of water before I go, that way I will be less hungry, at least they have veggies! Sunday is our Family Reunion that we only have every 2 years, they are having Fried Chicken and tons of fattening things. I am going to take some grilled chicken to eat and then I know they will have fruit bowls and I am taking lots of water since it is going to be HOT! I am sure I will let everyone know how it goes...wish me luck! :)

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