Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Weekend

So last weekend we went to Lava Hot springs. It was an okay trip, short and expensive. I was having an okay time just lots of drama when you go camping with people who don't have any experience with kids being around....they tend to not realize that girls are going to yell and scream and be girls when you are camping and outdoors. Oh well such is life you just learn who you can and can't go camping with and when to take kids and when not to take them. The Hot springs were nice, but I think I like going better in the fall/winter than the Summer. It was almost to hot to be in them with the 90 degree weather outside and 104 degree Hot springs it makes it a little toasty however relaxing at the same time. They have a river there and a lot of people ride down the river on tubes. I think that would have been better.... however, this time we didn't get to go down the river. I have done it before and had so much fun, maybe next time I will be able to do it.

Things in my life lately have been a little out of wack so the diet over the weekend didn't go really well. However today I have made a plan to not eat out for the entire week and drink no soad, wish me luck. I have only drank water today and had the best smoothie this morning. YUM! Then I had a Lean Cuisine meal, it was pretty good. I am trying to not eat out and packaged meals or left overs are the best things for me at work. I can do this and what better time then now to start taking care of ME? This is my life and I need to make it work for me.

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