Thursday, July 30, 2009

The scale......

So I have been dreading getting on the scale again.... I knew I had gained some weight since I stopped doing things for "ME".... But I didn't realize how much!!! Well that is the whole reason for this new part of my life and this new journey. So I am glad I am starting over and this time I am going to do it because I have set my mind to it and it is a goal and I am planning from now on to meet my goals.

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Today I brought the best lunch to work. I mean Yummy! Look how good it looks.... Chicken, green beans & zucchini... and fresh strawberries. My friend thought it looked good so she shared some of the green beans and she agreed that it was good. I have also been drinking nothing but tea and water for the last 3 days. I am proud of myself for this accomplishment because I am finally getting off the soda... and I don't mean diet soda...I mean regular plain old yummy coke and pepsi ...soda....okay you can laugh but I enjoy a nice 32 oz coke almost daily and eating out. I feel I have finally made an accomplishment. I haven't eaten out all week breakast, lunch or dinner and NO SODA! I am proud of ME~! I am finally to that point where I have realized that not much matters other than me and if I can't change for me then when will I ever change.....this I am doing for me and no one else. I have also gotten in all my yummy water today so I am proud of that accomplishment too! I am loving this new way of eating and thinking and can't wait for the days to come to see what they bring to my life!

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  1. You rock! I know you can do it BFF.You have have been going through a lot and now it is time to put you first and start Killin FAT! DO IT.
    p.s. the green beans and zucchini was delish!