Friday, August 28, 2009

4.8 - - Setbacks = GAME ON!

So I am down 4.8 lbs since I started this journey. I have had a few set backs but GAME ON now! I am switching my meeting nights however. Monday nights the leader just isn't a "GREAT" leader. I really like the Thursday night meetings and the lady is Awesome....she is like a bohemian woman .... she doesn't shave and it is freaking me out, but she is great at what she does and motivating me. I think the class being full helps also because there is so much more insight then the Monday night meetings. I have made up my mind I am switching nights! :) I feel pretty good about my loss though. I have only been going to meetings for 3 weeks and last night was my 3rd meeting. So I am excited about that. I now just need to go and stock up on some groceries this weekend so that I have healthy snacks around the house instead of the normal junk food that used to be in the house. I love snacking on fruits, I just need to keep them in the house....I did good the first week and had fruit all over....but we ate it all. :( I think I ate so much fruit that I am surprised I didn't turn into one.
I can't wait till this day is over..... I am also waiting for my son to take a nap. I am lucky though because I get to work from home on Monday's however this week I needed to work from home today so I am able to. I love being able to work from home....I have decided though that you have to really be dedicated to work from home. It is so hard to sit at the computer for 8 hours during the day when you have laundry, cooking, cleaning and other things to do. I could be doing a lot of things besides sitting here cleaning out my emails.... wait I am doing something I am writing this blog! But if you catch my drift then you know what I mean tha working from home is difficult. Well I guess I should get back to work and hope that soon my son will take a nap and realize I only have until 2:30 and then I am off for the weekend! I can't wait to see what this weekend will bring, hopefully it will be a fun and eventful weekend....until next time. :)

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