Monday, August 17, 2009

My Crazy Weekend .... Weigh in Day!

Wow! This weekend was so Crazy! I went out with some friends from work on Saturday night. We were going to a Social Club for one of my Co-Workers birthday parties...... I ended up taking my friend Kenny with me who is so much fun to hang with and I was so happy that he went. We went to one club which was sort of boring not much happening so the girls from work decided to go somewhere else. Kenny and I didn't really want to drive that far and neither did one of my other friend so we decided to go to another place. We ended up at a place called Oscar's can I just tell you I don't really like making fun of people but what the hell are people wearing these days? I swear the way some of these people were dressed it was hard not to laugh at them. There was a girl with a levi skirt I swear she must have gotten in the 80' buttoned up the front and she had matching boots....flat boots....she also had her shirt tucked in to this was horrible...she should have checked the mirror before leaving the house. It was a crazy place and more people that were crazy kept coming in so we decided to leave and go to another place called Alure, now that was was crazy there were so many people there and it was nice I had saved up enough points that I could have a couple of my friend and I were standing at the Bar waiting for our drinks. She handed me a shot glass that was full and some guy standing next to me hit my arm and my drink dumped all over the front of my shirt....I am really glad that the stain came out. It was crazy.... the guy felt horrible and paid for me a new drink and bought my friend one to so that was a bonus! I am just happy that the stain came out of the shirt! :)
Sunday we went to my moms house for a BBQ for my Birthday last week. It was so fun the kids played and we chatted. It is always nice to go over there for BBQ's and visiting. I love my family they are awesome! We had hamburgers and hot dogs, pasta salad and baked mom also made deviled eggs but forgot about them in the fridge so nobody had any. I limited myself to what I ate and made good choices...they also had a wonderful chocolate cake... I had a tiny sliver and a small scoop of ice cream. I always know my limits and what I can and can't fit into my daily points....I make sure to plan ahead. I am happy with my choices so I guess tonight I will see how it all paid off on the scale! Good things are awaiting me......I just know it! :) Peace Out until next time....... I will post how I did sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Love your post...Thank you for inspiring me and for sharing your story it neans alot!!