Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chinese Food is EVIL!

So I have decided today that Chinese food is "EVIL" yes that is what I think. I mean take this Orange Chicken for example..... today it was calling me..... I know you want me, I mean look at me I am so Hot and good for you.... Ugh! I caved!! I know shoot me..... I guess dinner tonight will be lettuce and spinach.... and then a good kick me in the Ass workout after..... :) I know I can't deprive myself of certain things but I could have the will power to think about my choices a little longer, right across from the Chinese place was Subway but I had that for lunch yesterday. Back to the drawing board, back to bringing lunch from home - the smart thing I have done for almost the last 2 weeks. If I don't have a plan that is when I end up I didn't have a plan. I planned yesterday to go to Subway....from the minute I got up I was going to Subway...but today I didn't know what I was going to do. I am accountable for the Orange Chicken and I figured out the points - SKYROCKET amount....but I still have the rest of today and tomorrow is a new day on my path to success.... I can do this I have the will power, I just need to make it happen. I do better when I bring my food from home. I just need to make it step at a time.


  1. I've written off Chinese food because sodium just wreaks havoc with my weigh-ins.

    Sometimes, I have better luck packing a lunch the night before. My mornings are generally so hectic that it's easy to run out without anything if it's not pre-made.

    One step at a time...that's the ticket.

  2. Nobody is going to shoot chiense is a downfall of mine as well, LOVE IT gosh I love it sooo much!! but yes a plan of what am I gonna have to day works!! you can do it and tomorrow is a new you had chinese today, cannot beat yourself up, tomorrow maybe someething from home, or subway..
    take care,