Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So last night was a little tough...I wasn't on my normal schedule of leave work pick up the boy go home...cook me something good to eat. It was a little off for the first time in over a week. My cousins little boy was turning 7 so we went to a skating rink for his birthday party. We all know what is at Birthday parties.... pizza, soda, cake, ice cream.... I planned for the birthday party on my WW points however... and I went off soda over 3 weeks ago **proud moment** so I had the points. I ate a little pizza and had a couple of bites of the cake - I said no to the ice cream (my favorite) and of course no longer drink the soda..... all in all I think I did pretty good. The pizza however had no comparison to my yummy pizza I make at home on my "flatout bread"... YUM! I will have to post a picture the next time I make is super yummy, low cal, low fat and high fiber type of yummy!

Last night was strange after we got home... I talked with a friend on facebook for awhile and that was fun and then about 9:30 there was a knock on the anyone who knows me knows that I have kids who are usually in bed and that by that time I am trying to get a toddler to sleep.. but still knock..knock...knock...not only were they knocking but they were at my backdoor not my front door like expected for visitors who I don't know. I looked at my BF and said hey you gonna get that? I am a woman and it is late... I feel like a man should answer the door at that time of night if you answer at all.... So up he gets "annoyed" because I won't answer the door... well there on the other side of the door is a little old lady from across the road holding this

an entire pile of mint leaves.... My BF was of course thankful as she is elderly and she thought we could use them for tea....but holy crap I am not going to be drinking that much tea anytime soon.... I was kind of in shock and once he closed the door I burst out in laughter and couldn't stop....I should be nice however as it was the thought that counts... I did look online for recipes that I could make with fresh mint I found a website that had 11 different recipes to make with mint.... I don't know though... I might just give it to the kids they enjoyed eating it the last time she gave us some, however it was in way less quantity... hey thanks for the mint! LOL! Well tomorrow is my Birthday - I am going to be 34 ....holy crap how time flies.... I will blog some more tomorrow.


  1. Holy cow! That is a lot of mint!

    Happy 34th birthday! Hope this next year brings all the happiness you wish for and then some :)

  2. Happy Birthday! My birthday is on the 25th. Except I'm turning 40. There, does that help make you feel any younger??^_^
    One of the things I do with mint.......
    crush it a little bit so as to get the essence of mint going, then put a big old handful of it in a pitcher, add ice and water, steep overnight. It's great to drink on a really hot day, plus no calories!
    Also, good for you going to b-day party with a plan to stay within your points. Sounds like you did great!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Way to show your commit-mint to healthy living at the party. Get it, commit-MINT...commitment. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and following.

  4. That story made me laugh. Great job on not overeating at the party. I make pizza on flatout bread as good

  5. Happy birthday!

    Sooooo much mint. Can you freeze some or dry some of it maybe? Good luck!