Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~Wii Fit ~ WW ~

Last night I decided to pull out the Wii Fit, I leave it under the couch and usually that is where it stays. I know that I need to excercise and what better way then to do it in the comfort of my own home in front of my TV - one of the reasons I got the way I am.....! Now I love my Wii Fit but that little sucker can be sooo MEAN - I turn it on and step on and it says to me "I see you haven't been here for 27 days".... I know almost a month! I wanted to punch the little sucker in the face, but since it doesn't have a face decided I should just work out. I started out trying to beat another score on some game you have to roll the little person in a ball down a river it is a balance game. I was really off balance, I feel off the board onto the floor trying to beat the old score. So I decided to do some step areboics which is so much fun on the Wii! Then I went into game options and realized that there was a boxing game which I had never tried before... so I decided to play - at first I really sucked. I must not follow directions very well then I realized I was supposed to step off the board before I punched the bag and then back on! It was so fun it reminded me of days when I used to do Tae Bo. I can't wait to get home tonight and turn it on again. Needless to say I did 20 minutes on the Wii, which is probably the most excercise I have gotten in quite awhile.
WW - I caved! I have to be accountable, I need meetings to help me with support and motivation. I joined again on Monday of this week. I wasn't going to because I know all the tools and how to do the program, but what I don't have is the support and motivation needed to stick with it. The girl I met in class the first night who also had just joined again said the same thing it isn't the knowledge it is everything else. I also don't have anything to keep me accountable other than me and I know how I got to where I am "ME".... so I joined up on Monday. I am not telling anyone in my family or my friends only because I want to show them the results first. (Besides my BFF who will for sure read this blog). Then if anyone asks I will say "I went back to WW". I am proud of my decision and think that it is the right decision for me. Plus I really like the new "monthly pass" it allows you not only to go to weekly meetings and weigh in once a week you also get everything online all the e-tools, before when I had joined you didn't get all the online things unless you paid for the online. Now for a reasonable price - "the price of life" you get them all - FABULOUS! I am so excited and I love the online tools they have already been a great resource for tracking my points and giving me healthy ideas. I can't wait to see how Monday goes.... :)

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  1. HOORAY!!!!! I am so glad you joined again! that is freaking awesome!!! now you MUST succeed or else you will have a lot of women on your ass... including me. tough love sweet heart. I am done being nice. hehe jk. GO YOU!!!